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Whitening body lotion


Composed of Concentrated Glutathione, Arbutin, Vitamin C

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Whitening body lotion

Composed of Concentrated Glutathione, Arbutin, Vitamin C

Multi-function in one step: Whitening, correcting, protecting, brightening, and hydrating

Intense natural formula for black and dark skin glowing and whitening.

For elbow, hand, foot, body, back, armpit

Herbal formula with the extracts of pearl and milk, it has strong effect in skin whitening and glowing, with side effect.

Best feedback from end buyers, The user use this whitening cream to achieve expected effect in as fast as 10 days.

Great skin corrector for all skin spots and pigmentation. It can not only whiten and glow dull skin, but also removing the spots on skin, like freckle, speckle, melanin, yellowness, aged spots,etc.


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